UK curriculum based courses – Key Stages 1 – 3 (ages 5 to 14)

Why a British based Curriculum?

British education has achieved a worldwide reputation for quality, and is recognised and respected around the world. British education is renowned for concerning itself with the development of the whole personality. Learning is important, but not enough in itself. Young people need to develop their potential to explore and discover the world around them, to think for themselves and form opinions, to relate to others, to develop their bodies through sport and physical education, and to gain experience in taking responsibility. In the British education system, students are taught to learn by questioning, problem-solving and creative thinking rather than by the mere retention of facts, hence giving them analytical and creative thinking skills that they will need in the working world. A variety of teaching and assessment methods designed to develop independent thought as well as a mastery of the subject matter is used. Parents also want the wide range of extra-curricular activities that the British education system provides.

All children who join DAGMAR’S UK curriculum based courses in Romania are expected to participate in all lessons.

The National Curriculum of England (also commonly referred to as the “UK Curriculum”) is a very structured curriculum that is designed to meet the needs of all students, stretching brighter children and supporting those who need it through differentiated teaching and learning activities. The curriculum extends and excites all students, whatever their interests or ability. Through it, teachers are able to identify, celebrate and nurture the talents and intelligences of students.

Our students can choose from 3 different formats (UK full-curriculum, UK English and Optional, and UK English). The structure and fees shown below are for the format UK full-curriculum – for other formats, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Duration of courses

The school year starts on 1st October and ends in June. There are 36 weeks of study – 4 sessions a week (one session = 90 min.).

Free English Placement Test every Saturday 11:00-12:30 (starting September 3rd). Please call first!


What will the students learn?

Compulsory subjects (4 sessions a week): Mathematics, English, other subjects

Optional : Sports / P.E., Modern Foreign Language, Movie Club, Walk and Talk, Clubs

Sample timetable

Monday: Mathematics

Tuesday: English (general: reading, writing, speaking and listening)

Wednesday: other subjects – ICT, drama, arts & crafts, music, history, geography, science etc. (one option each month)

Thursday: English (games and activities)

Friday: optional – Sports/P.E., Modern Foreign Language (French, German, Spanish, Italian) or Movie Club (conversation based on popular films)

Saturday: optional – Walk and Talk (walking, trips / excursions) or Clubs (Chat, Drama, ICT, cooking etc.)


How to enroll?

Use this Enrollment Form.

For further information, please call us on +40 (0) 351401685 / +40 (0) 749667802 or email us at

Tuition fees

First enrollment: £5

Course fees

-pay monthly : deposit* £65 + 8 x £65

-pay in 2 instalments : deposit* £65 + 2 x £246

-pay upfront and SAVE MONEY*: £536



Watch this funny video explaining the educational system in the UK